Kinross Gold

Stakeholder Research / Positioning / Brand Foundation


With an accounting scandal in its not-too-distant past, CEO Tye Burt was considering how to move the Kinross brand forward – even contemplating a name change.


Mr. Burt asked us to determine the state of the Kinross brand: a brand is what people think of you – so what did people think of Kinross Gold, and what go-forward strategy would their opinions suggest? Our findings led us to recommend that Kinross keep its name and stake out its brand with a brand foundation, which we subsequently developed through intensive workshops with the client’s leadership team.


Demonstrating that “brand” is a synonym for “culture,” it is especially the values of the Kinross brand foundation – embodied in The Kinross Way – that have been woven into the everyday behaviours of employees throughout this global organization.


Brand Foundation

CORE PURPOSE – why we exist

To continuously generate value for our stakeholders worldwide – the people who entrust us with their capital, livelihoods, communities and environments.

VISION – where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there

To lead the world in generating value through mining.

MISSION – what we do every day to get there

We bring smart thinking, efficiency and discipline to the safe and responsible operation of our business.

VALUES – what we believe; our principles

Putting people first | Outstanding corporate citizenship | Rigorous financial discipline | High performance culture

POSITION – how we are different

The brightest people in the most dynamic environment delivering the smartest growth.

CHARACTER – how we act; our voice

Humbly brilliant | Energetic | Driven Agile | Passionate | Considerate