KingSett Capital

Name / Visual Identity

Canada’s leader in private equity real estate investments has done more than $10-billion in deals.  Their name was KingStreet Capital Partners until 2007 – when a New York firm of the same name launched a costly trademark infringement challenge.  We were thus retained by the CEO of the Canadian KingStreet to rename his organization.

Adding to this challenge was the client’s initial desire that KingStreet’s name be changed to KS Partners. We offered our belief that such an approach would not be in the best interests of the brand, because their new clients would ask what KS stood for – requiring that the story of being bullied be forever told.

Our recommendation was that the new name should preserve as much equity as possible of that then enjoyed by the KingStreet moniker. This “evolution, not revolution” approach further intensified our creative challenge, in that we were determined to arrive at a new name that held the “word” and “shape” equity of KingStreet.

KingSett – a “sett” being a small rectangular paving stone – accomplished all of this and more, in that the meaning of “Sett” kept the legacy of “Street” alive.