Hotel Gelato

Brand Foundation / Name

Dan Hoffman and Chris Borowski each worked for 25 years in the luxury segment of the hospitality industry – Dan as an elite Clefs D’or concierge with Hyatt and Sutton Place Hotels, and Chris as a food and beverage executive with Four Seasons.

Dan is also a certified nutritionist. He and Chris decided to leave the hotel business and start their own foodservice retail concept upon recognizing how difficult it is for people with food allergies and restrictions, when out for a meal or treat, to find a dessert – especially a gelato – they can eat safely.

The brand position offered by Dan and Chris – and the thing that gives their venture tremendous potential for buzz and word-of-mouth referral – is that they’re both from the luxury hotel business. Thus, the assumption among potential customers will be that the service at Hotel Gelato will be superb – which indeed it is.

The name that Dan and Chris had originally chosen for their startup was not Hotel Gelato, but Cones. However, Cones still represented a lost opportunity, in that it said almost nothing about the brand position. Hence the new name, and the tagline: Stay for dessert™.

Hotel Gelato opened in Toronto in early 2010, and brings the name, tagline and entire brand foundation to life by evoking a boutique hotel lobby.

Brand Foundation

Vision – where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there

By 2012, we will be the number-one manufacturer of specialty baked goods and gelato in the GTA, providing exceptional customer experiences that have set the gold standard in the industry.

Mission – what we do every day to get there

We enrich people’s lives by providing exceptional products and customer service.

Position – how we are different

Luxury hotel guys (one’s a nutritionist) who’ve made delicious treats accessible to everyone.

Positioning Statement – how we say we are different

Stay for dessert

Values – what we believe in; our principles

Accommodating differences
Great taste
Made from scratch
Socially and environmentally responsible

Character – our voice; how we act