Bombardier Regional Aircraft

Brand Strategy Development


This client asked us to develop a print advertising campaign for its upcoming fleet of CRJ1000 NextGen jets, scheduled for entry into service by Q4 2009.


The world’s airline executives have long regarded the competitive advantage of Bombardier’s regional jets to be their lower operating costs, versus the superior passenger comfort offered by chief rival Embraer of Brazil. While the NextGen series indeed offers comfort improvements, it still cannot authentically claim to offer comfort on the level of Embraer. Nevertheless, Bombardier executives gave direction that the ads for the CRJ 1000 were to position the aircraft on the basis of comfort.


We believed that such a positioning would be instantly dismissed if not derided by the target market. Recognizing a disconnect with our client, we undertook intensive strategy sessions in which I was instrumental in recognizing a brand position that relied primarily on Bombardier’s cost leadership – and also allowed Bombardier to tout the improved passenger comfort of the NextGen series, now in a more believable context.