Stakeholder Research / Brand Foundation / Name / Visual Identity

In 2007, celebrating 75 years of operation, the name of this company was Atlas Air ClimateCare – ClimateCare being the cooperative of companies to which Atlas Air belonged. Yet Atlas Air had already begun to expand into a range of services beyond heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). And so it decided to part with ClimateCare.

Before seeking its own way, Atlas Air sought to understand what made it unique from its competitors, as well as from ClimateCare, in order to set the groundwork for expressing this uniqueness inside the company and out. Stakeholder research was therefore conducted, revealing a profoundly deep level of trust built over many decades of consistently superior customer service.

This insight and others were rolled into the process of building a brand foundation for Atlas Air. The brand’s new tagline – Pursuing perfect health for your home – puts to work the permission earned from customers to take care of their homes’ overall “health” with an uncommonly wide array of services additional to HVAC, including air quality and water quality.

The bedrock of customers’ trust in the brand was their belief that employees truly cared about them. AtlasCare became the logical, subtle name evolution for a brand that was simultaneously trying to move away from a past association, but not change so radically as to lose any of the recognition accumulated over the span of eight decades. And finally, the brand’s visual identity was refreshed in accordance with the same cardinal law of branding: evolution, not revolution.

Brand Foundation

Core Purpose – why we exist

To improve the quality of life for our employees,customers, suppliers and communities through our passion for serving others.

Vision – where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there

To be Canada’s most trusted source of multiple home services among customers who value exceptional care.

Mission – what we do every day to get there

We work hard at earning our customers’ trust so they actively refer us, and stay with us for life.

Positioning Statement – how we are different

Pursuing perfect health for your home

Values – what we believe in; our principles

Building relationships
Continuous learning