Client spotlight: John Moakler

Doctors devote enormous amounts of their time and energy to the health of their patients. But surprisingly, many doctors don’t pay enough attention to their own affairs – especially to their finances.

John Moakler wants to rectify this imbalance. As a financial planner whose client list is exclusively comprised of physicians, his vision is that every doctor in Canada will take as much care of their financial health as they do of their patients’ health.

Financial health is something that John intimately understands. After graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1986 with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science, he spent 18 years in the high-tech industry – capped by building a software startup and selling it to IBM for $75-million. In the course of that transaction, he became dissatisfied with the financial advice he was receiving. So he set out to become a financial planner himself.

“I know what I want to see when I’m looking for a doctor: lots of letters after their name. That’s why, when I decided in 2003 to become a financial planner, I added to my BMath with the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designations. My clients, all of them physicians, know that I invested in myself with intense education and training, just like they did in their chosen field.”

As a specialist, John’s services are tailored specifically to doctors’ needs. The most common failure he sees in the financial advice given by others is that it’s one-size-fits-all – and remarkably, that there is no written plan. That’s why his mission, day after day, is to assess doctors’ financial condition and then prescribe a customized, written Financial Treatment Plan. John calls it Financial health care for doctors®.

John Moakler lives in Brampton, Ontario and has three grown children. His new book is entitled Heal Thy Wealth: How Doctors are Misdiagnosing Their Own Financial Health and What They Can Do About It.

John Moakler headshot - Moakler Wealth Management

John Moakler – Moakler Wealth Management

John J. Moakler, Jr., BMath, CFP, CLU.

President and Senior Executive Financial Planner

Moakler Wealth Management

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