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Why Fake Football Works

[Cache #162] There was a moment in the USA-Germany game yesterday when everyone in the audience laughed.  World Cup soccer is not intended to be comedy, but the crowd assembled in the lobby of a downtown office building could not suppress read more

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Pocket Square Branding

[Cache – #158] As we have put it so eloquently, a brand ain’t a logo. This despite logos having the potential to powerfully communicate your unique value proposition, and hence why someone should do business with you instead of someone else. Likewise, a colour does read more

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Why We Hate – And Love – Air Canada

[Cache – #154] Why do we hate Air Canada? Answer:  We don’t.  The truth is that we love to hate them.  Even knowing that they drop our bags from a considerable height, it cannot be that we have pure hatred in our hearts if read more

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How Will You Be Judged?

[Cache – #152] You’re different.  In a good way.  But most of you will do a poor job of expressing your difference to the world.  As a result, you will not be recognized for your unique talents nor be able to use read more

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March Is Hate Month

[Cache – #151] This week, Canadian man Yue Liu drowned in Cuba, while saving his son from the same fate.  And someone online questioned whether his last words to his son – “I cannot save you anymore” – were actually uttered. — — This week, read more

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