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Lululemon’s tumbling stock price – Comment in National Post by Andris Pone

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Andris Pone CBC Radio One interview re Tim Hortons’ “Good Ol’ Hockey Game” ad with Sidney Crosby

It was my pleasure to speak with CBC Radio One business reporter Paul Havaardsrud about this ad.  To me, what is remark-able about the ad is that it appears Tims is sponsoring the Olympics and/or World Junior Hockey Championships, when read more

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Can Your Brand Flourish This Winter?

THE 5th OF 6 IN AN EXCLUSIVE, BI-WEEKLY BLOG SERIES FOR INSURANCE ADVISORS By Andris Pone Andris presented on the topic of branding at Sun Life’s Practice Development and Thought Leadership Summits this past summer.  In this series of six bi-weekly blogposts read more

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Introducing Oaken Financial

[Cache – #139] First a fruit, as in Tangerine, was introduced three weeks ago as the new name for ING Direct.  And now a tree – or rather, something oak-like – as in Oaken, the name for the new direct-to-consumer banking brand launched yesterday by Home read more

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Andris Pone comment in National Post: Indigo shares fall 17%

A comment from yours truly in this story by Hollie Shaw.

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Tiger, Daly, and the economics of bad boy brands

[Cache – #112] A colleague of mine thinks Tiger is faking it.  That Tiger has been playing poorly on purpose, to generate sympathy and crawl his way back into our hearts.  That he believes we’re all as gullible as Lindsey read more

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WestJet: Love thyself

[Cache – #85] After 16 years of building a universally-respected brand, does WestJet nonetheless have a serious self-esteem problem?  Why else would they even consider excluding WestJet, or even a reference to it, from the name of their soon-to-be-launched regional airline? read more

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Bar Rescue: Should Weber’s name have been stripped?

Sometimes, radical change is required.  The latest episode of Bar Rescue on Spike TV, in which a bar owner was being robbed blind by one of his staff members, was one of those occasions.  The bartender was proven by bar read more

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