Kobayashi Online

Brent Kobayashi, President

Kobayashi Online is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency providing web solutions for businesses. They help you connect with your customers by creating compelling and friendly customer experiences. “Online friendly” is not simply their brand promise and mission, it’s their green grass and pure oxygen for helping businesses to fly. Everything they design and develop is done for one purpose – to help your business grow.

Donna Santos Studio

Donna Santos, Principal Photographer and
Video Producer

There are headshots. And then there are headshots by Donna Santos.

Donna is the exclusive photographer of Coin Branding because she has a singular ability to bring out the very best in you and position your brand in the strongest possible terms.

Donna has been working with entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations since 2004. Put simply, her photographs are a powerful reason to believe your brand is every bit as impressive as it looks.

La Closette

MT Meikle, Owner

A distinctive look matters. A lot. This is wonderful news for anyone looking to build their personal brand, because very few people stand out. That’s where the acclaimed La Closette, a Toronto-based fashion consultancy that’s worked with thousands of men and women, comes in. If you weren’t born with a natural sense of style – and even if you were – La Closette will help you raise your game. In fact, some of their strongest testimonials come from clients who were already quite well-dressed.

La Closette: Look great. Feel great. Do great.

MHC Group

Mark Healy, President

What is marketing? Creative, advertising and promotions often masquerade as marketing. At best funny or clever or engaging – and at worst trite or cliché – but most often random. Lacking context. Lacking vision. Lacking a strategy to ladder up to. Lacking purpose. And lacking a meaningful connection to the customer. Professional marketing is not difficult, it is hard. It requires a commitment to do things properly. It requires discipline. It requires a plan. And it usually requires help.

Led by President Mark Healy, MHC Group can help. They bring a combined 50 years of sales and marketing experience, working with global companies, smaller privately-held firms and governments. Mark also holds a number of other positions, including Executive Director of Executive Education at Ivey Business School in London and Toronto and Brand & Marketing Advisor at The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.