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Every organization, and every one of the people in them, yearns to share – and be recognized for – the unique value they offer the world. But far too much of this potential goes wasted.


Too few employers are able to articulate foundational brand elements such as a vision, mission and values – a culture, in other words – that attract the right people to their cause and then keep them. At the same time, too many employees go unfulfilled in their work, feeling the brand doesn’t give voice to their true talents or put them to full use.


So naturally the culture desired by the organization sputters or fails to take shape, and what truly makes the brand unique is never unlocked or communicated to the market.


The good news is that the branding disciplines we deliver – including brand foundation-building, positioning and naming – are among the most effective (and cost-effective) opportunities available to tell your one-of-a-kind story and connect with stakeholders.


These deliverables make it easy for people – employees, customers and all stakeholders – to understand who you are and what you’re offering. They make it easy for people to buy in or opt out, and for your advocates to tell the story to others. They are deep reservoirs of meaning that you can access for telling your story now, and long into the future as you write new chapters.


But branding is a process, not an event – so start now.

brand foundation


Core purpose – why we do what we do

We believe that every person has a unique gift and the right to share it.


Position – how we are different

Word mastery™


Character – our voice; how we act and look

Articulate | Compassionate | Humorous | Optimistic | Professional


Andris was a great support to my team in developing a compelling retail brand platform. He is an enthusiastic and collaborative team player. I would recommend him to anyone looking to understand & harness the power of their brand.

Marcie Connan – Research Manager

Canadian Tire

Andris is a thoughtful and articulate professional with lots of insights and ideas. He challenges you to think outside of your comfort zone and to really think strategically.

Julie Giraldi – Chief Human Resources Officer & Vice President of Health Human Resources Leadership

Ontario Hospital Association

Through a series of seven meetings, Andris handled multiple stakeholders with confidence and good humour; his professionalism, warmth and genuine enthusiasm made us feel as though we were in very good hands the entire time. The icing on the cake was to have our work endorsed by Karen Kain, and the ballet’s senior management team, at our first presentation to them!

Jennifer Burton – Manager, Individual Giving

The National Ballet of Canada

Andris is a true brand strategist and exceptional communicator, who brings unique perspectives and imaginative ideas. His level of knowledge of brand strategy is outstanding, and his passion and sense of humour made it fun to work with him.

Craig Swatuk – Director, Brand Strategy and Marketing

Ontario Hospital Association

Andris’ steady insistence to make us explore numerous ideas outside of the box ensured that we attained a first class result for our rebranding project.

Roger Grochmal – CEO


Andris has proven to be a disciplined listener to our teams’ collective needs, a well-prepared facilitator and a flexible, adaptive and creative advisor. I look forward to future projects with him.

Bill Dillane – President

Responsive Management Group