Bar Rescue: Power Plant meets Snow White

**First, this tweet from Jon Taffer in relation to the comment below from Rich Unger:

tweet from jon taffer of bar rescue about rich unger

**And now the blogpost:

What does Snow White have to do with the renaming of a dive bar in Laguna Niguel, California?  As demonstrated by last night’s episode of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, more than you might think.

bar rescue logo

The dive bar in question – “the dive by the (highway) five”, as locals called it – was called Rocks.  Situated in a seedy industrial park, the filthy establishment attracted an unsavoury crowd and was bleeding money.  As part of a complete makeover, bar turnaround tough guy Jon Taffer renamed it Power Plant.  The new name took a key weakness – the bar’s unfortunate location – and turned it into a believable positioning as an industrial-themed venue.

A name change, in isolation, is not going to rescue a bar.  But a strategically-selected new name can set in motion a comprehensive brand experience that is aligned and reinforced at every customer touchpoint.

It’s a branding technique pioneered decades ago by Disney in its theme parks.  As discussed by Chip and Dan Heath in their bestselling book, Made to Stick, Disney calls its theme park employees “cast members.”  This is what’s referred to as a generative metaphor, meaning metaphors that generate “new perceptions, explanations and inventions.”  And:

“The metaphor of employees as cast members in a theatrical production is communicated consistently throughout the organization:

  • Cast members don’t interview for a job, they audition for a role.
  • When they are walking around the park, they are onstage.
  • People visiting Disney are guests, not customers.
  • Jobs are performances; uniforms are costumes.”


This generative metaphor is very effective at setting standards of behaviour among employees.  Rest assured, for example, that you’ll never see Snow White smoking a cigarette while on break – and in fact, that you won’t see her taking a break in the first place.

power plant sign

So if the bar’s metaphor is that of “power plant,” how did Jon and the bar’s staff make it generative?  In several ways:  Power Plant strongly suggested the establishment’s new positioning as a high-energy dance club, supported by a kickass sound system; industrial-themed décor was created, from the brightly burning torches at the bar’s front entrance to the sealed cement floor inside.

power plant bar rescue inside

The bar’s new drink recipes, in terms of either their contents and/or their names, would be another obvious opportunity to extend the power plant metaphor (Bar Rescue culinary producer JoAnn Cianciulli says the drink recipes should be posted here soon, so we’ll see if Jon took this approach).

What other opportunities do you see for Power Plant to riff on the power plant metaphor?  Are there other décor opportunities, or certain things the staff could wear or do, for example?


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45 Responses to Bar Rescue: Power Plant meets Snow White

  1. Rich Unger says:

    I am a 40 year Nightclub Consultant, I REVAMP, REMAKE, REINVENT, REFORMAT, REPOSITION, REFRESH Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges, Restaurants, Sports Bars, Bar and Grills all over the US and the World.
    I never ever set foot in any of them.
    That’s right.
    As for “Power Plant”
    Let me give you a quick “Shout Out”, every bar that Mr Taffer enters, he curses at the Owner, yells @ the staff, and creates a scene in front of the customers.
    Mr Taffer does not embrace problems, he embraces solutions, but getting to the solution requires a total confrontation, and embarassment, humiliation and emotional stress, all for the sake of TV Cameras rolling.
    Mr Taffer goes up to the Owner’s Brother in Law who is half if not fully drunk and confronts him about hugging every female customer seated @ the bar, WRONG. You don’t confront a drunk. So the cursing goes on, the camera rolls, the producer splices the tape and the man is next escorted out by someone. The Bar Staff is stealing, over pouring, giving away $2200 in one weekend and Taffer is going to keep the staff???????????????????????????? You don’t need Bevinco to tell you what’s going on you have it on video.
    You don’t need to send your daughter into that dangerous bar, you have it on video already.
    The remodel and name change do not fit the premise of that eetablishment’s past history. The fact you did not institute a cover charge is insane in the brain, the fact you let 1 door person wear a long sleeve tshirt with a crowd outside for the opening makes no sense. “Green Lantern”, the DJ nice enough, good enough he is who you brought in to train a DJ who has no grasp of EDM, BPM or dubstep? A New Club DJ should have been brought in, so that the Green Lantern could return to his gig.
    The Bar Trainer had a foul mouth and also was spoken to by bar staff who had a foul mouth.
    The entire show is not worthy of even cable tv.
    Why advertisers are running spots is Owners and employees of other places are watching, cracking up and kissing the ground it’s not them on tv.
    If Mr Taffer had so many places that wanted to go through “TAFFER TERROR”, Spike TV would not have a crawl running at the bottom of the screen during the show asking other bars to contact Bar Rescue to be on the show.
    Mr Taffer must, I am begging him to wear new jeans a new shirt and a new blazer, same outfit every single show. As long as he does not wear “Skinny Jeans”.
    Why send his WIFE IN as a Recon Specialist, or his daughter, two lovely ladies, when he has it all on video already??????
    Oh, I see it’s part of the basic format of the show.
    Here is a my problems with this so called “bar rescue”:
    A. Bar Staff should of been replaced

    B. Doorman looked like a slob

    C. No Cocktail Servers

    D. NO Dance Floor Fun

    E. DJ totally not ready for prime time

    F. Never give a dj a wired mic, should always be wireless

    G. What was the cover charge?

    H. Where were the avenues of income that Taffer created?

    I. The outfits the staff did wear, AWFUL

    Ok, you have a great site, take care,

    Rich Unger

    • Coin says:

      Thanks Rich. But next time, please tell us what you REALLY think. 🙂 Wow. Strong opinion. Any views on whether Rich has it right?

      • sean says:

        Rich is very wrong. He has a lot of valid points. I don’t agree with John Taffer coming right out of the gates in most episodes yelling and cursing at people, but I understand his philosophy. He does it to see if people give a shit about their establishment. If they don’t the person will give up, which a lot of employees have done on the show. Making people embarrassed about their work also makes them hit the reset button mentally and take a second look at what they are really doing. You may not agree with Taffer’s methods, but he has been doing this a LONG time and gets results.

        By the way, what’s the name of your TV show Rich? I want to see your methods and results. 🙂

  2. Joe Ruder says:

    yes…he is dead on.

    I have run 4 successful nightblubs for 8 years – every year profitable.

    Everything he said is 100% accurate.

    My advice to new club owners, pay attention to your lease – that is what has cost me every location eventually.

    I am now out of the business, but still miss the challange.


    • Coin says:

      Joe – thank you for your comment. And for sharing your wisdom. PS I recently saw Jon Taffer tweet that Season 3 is now shooting…

    • jeff says:

      Hey Joe.
      I need some help from someone like you. I have a private club but want to open a public dance club. Can you call me at 816-886-5272. Thank you.

  3. Rich Unger says:

    Joe, Taffer is not right in the manner in which he speaks to Owners, Managers, Staff. Of course you should have a clean bar that is spit shine, but many bar staff never heard of cleaning their bars or their soda guns or ice machines or beer coolers, or sinks, or any part of the bar. Yes, the lease is vital to your success, too many Owners are so pumped to own a bar they don’t read the fine print, but also just as important is how much money these owners invest in these buildings, when they do not own them, the reality of the law is anything attached to the walls, cieling or floors are actually the Landlord’s property. Taffer without checking leases and for mentioning a company’s name puts tens of thousands of dollars into slob, run down, non caring ownership and management establishments, that none have their own web site, I checked, that none have any FUN, WOW or FAB, I checked. Remember this is staged, it is a reality show. I was just retained by the largest North West America Nightclub Complex that Mr Taffer took and totally destroyed.
    he is not always right, his cursing and attitude are not that of a professional. Ironically I do what he does but I do not berate owners I show them they are wrong, I do not do fake stress tests, when he already has cameras that have shown the staff in action as well as the management and ownership, I do not curse, that is a sign of a man with on character. he is almost 67 years old it’s time he grew up and the john wayne swagger is fine, but the same navy blue blazer and shirt and jeans, he needs a fashion makeover, perhaps some Ralph Lauren. Certainly no FUBU.
    Yes, he signed for a third season. I regret leases cost your businesses their demise. have a great life.
    Rich Unger

    • Jay says:

      Will you PLEASE learn how to write. I’m amazed you can use a keyboard, let alone run your own business. Your website is just as pathetic. Use – at a minimum – third-grade spelling, phonics and grammar if you want to be taken seriously. Rich.

  4. Rich Unger says:

    First my web site has been up for almost 15 years, second if you do not like my content, which is free, then don’t read it. It didn’t stop hundreds of bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, beach bars, sports bars,from requesting my Services. I have been on 22 talk shows and written up in USA TODAY, People Magazine, I write and my webmaster posts. If you have a problem with my writing, then don’t read my content. Where no excuse is due none will be given, where one is due, none will suffice. When you have my skills, my expertise, my abilities to REINVENT and REVAMP food and beverage as well as beverage only establishments, then you can rise to my level.
    I have compliment after compliment about my content. I doubt you are an owner or even a GM in the industry, so when you have the #1 site then let me know. I Do.

  5. Rich Unger says:

    Now on to last week’s “Bar Waste Of Resources” Episode. Jon Taffer takes his Wife to do a ‘Recon’, the bar is infested with roaches which he already is aware of from his hidden cameras. The Owner is either in my opinion mentally deficent, emotionally disabled, dependent upon alcohol or drugs, but having a major health hazard roach infestation the Austin City Health Department, should have closed the bar down.
    Having not paid his employees, his bar staff were taking their own money in order to pay their rent and survive. How else could they continue to work there?
    A simple call to the US Dept of Labor local Wage and Hour Office would have resulted in the Owner being cited for failure to pay Federal FICA taxes and either closed down, arrested, or issued an appearance to appear in court and pay the back payroll taxes at once. But for the purpose of the episode, Jon Taffer continues on with this Owner, he informs the staff if they stay, he will stay. SO these unpaid bar staff decide to stay, so Jon Taffer stays. He meets with the Owner who says his Father has Cancer, he cries, then goes back to partying, drinking and ignoring his staff, during the so called “Stress Test”, which Jon Taffer already knew the staff was not qualified to handle. But this is reality tv, so what you see is unrealistic but rather staged.On we go, the good looking bar expert, trains the bar staff, while Jon Taffer has a crew come in and turn the bar into Metal and Lace a Steam_____ bar. The bar opens, instead of girls breathing fire we have girls whipping their tuchus lightly with whips on stage, the bar is packed, Jon Taffer has installed a new sound system so there is no reverb, and a pos system to log in the drinks as well as the employees.
    As Jon Taffer leaves, he bids farewell to the Bartender Chloe for the first time in his life he states instead of the owner.
    Out he walks. Not before cursing up a storm, yelling, ranting the usual Taffer Terror Tactics, because viewers luv, just luv that Jon when he goes off the reservation.
    Six months later, the bar is back to a living hell. The Owner is off his rocker, the three female bartenders were never paid, even with the new POS System and are looking for work.
    In closing, what did this episode accomplish, Jon Taffer put oustanding equipment, rebuilt and remodeled a bar, that will be closed by the end of this year. Jon Taffer knowing this Owner was not honorable, should have gotten each employee a job after he found out they never got paid again.
    Lesson Learned = Why even air this episode?
    No bar was rescued.
    The thinking of putting this big huge bulk of a Man on the door was the worse first impression Jon Taffer could have made.
    The fact the local health authorities or the Labor Dept Feds have not closed this bar down defies logic.
    Next is a Tulane College bar that gives away the bar and has a major problem with minors, the only objective a minor has coming into a bar is to obtain an illegal drink. They are not worth letting in for triple the cover charge which I advise clients to charge them.
    Ok, Jay, play english teacher and fix my grammer.
    Oh btw, I watch because while Jon Taffer is in his sixties, I have never seen a professional bar consultant act in such an unprofessional manner, I do think my constant emails to SPIKE to have Jon Taffer tone down his use of the rabid “F” bomb have worked.

    • Jay says:

      Ha! lol.
      Rich, I COMPLETELY agree with your analysis of the show and this episode in particular. Further, you really sound like a guy who knows what he is talking about, so your opinion carries alot of weight. Unlike your last post or your website, I really enjoyed reading this post. As Coin says below, when you speak (or write) poorly, you do yourself and your brand a disservice.

    • starjet says:

      Hey. I go to headhunters a lot and I can tell you that the show is a hundred percent staged. The soft opening and reopening are not paying customers they are all hired actors and actresses that come in. Headhunters is located on red river in Austin which is where all the counter culture flocks to. Punk rockers metal heads and so on. The whole entire street is filled with dirty dive bars where you drink 2 dollar Pabst and cheap whiskies and watch scumbag rock n roll and thats the way it should be. The famous 6th street is where you will.find the yuppie bars which is lierly a block away. People.that flock to red river generally don’ sixth.and the people on sixth don’t go to red river.

      • starjet says:

        I how fake it is but I’m typing on a crappy phone and its annoying

      • doctorfork says:

        I also go to headhunters infrequently. I love the place. The rebranding that Taffer tried to do showed that he has absolutely no knowledge of the Austin nightlife culture and Red River in particular.

        Chloe did recently move on, but was working there as recently as 2 weeks ago. For the record, she’s been working there for years, as have most of the staff. It’s kind of ridiculous to think that the staff really just worked for tips only.

        Another thing that defied logic. On the very first visit to the bar, pulling a random bottle off the shelf a tiny little bug is seen in a bottle of brown liquor from across a dark bar? Ok, even if Taffer has amazing eyesight, how does a roach get into a bottle that has a pourer on it? (Have you seen a pourer that doesn’t have a filter or ball-lock on it?) On the adjoining wall to Headhunters is a pizza place. They have a lot higher standard for health code inspections and you’d assume they’d be crawling with roaches too, but nothing of the sort goes on there.

        Heck, the fact that the show didn’t even mention the outside two bars at Headhunters goes a long way in showing how duplicitous it really is.

        To me, the show works on the premise that Jon immediately sets the managers up for failure by framing them as some flavor of incompetent. Then he puts on his absolutely terrible branding(The Corporate Bar and Grill? Really??) and when it fails to take off he can walk away and say that it’s just because of the owner being a fool. Whereas if the bar succeeds, it’s clearly his genius at work. A typical “you win because of me, you lose because of you” approach to blame shifting.

        • doctorfork says:

          As for the larger point of the original article, this is a favorite tactic of Taffer’s by the sounds of it-take the surroundings of the place and rebrand it with a similar theme.

          It works and it doesn’t. People don’t go to a place because of the name alone, and the name is the key element to branding and making a name stick. But the name is just that. It doesn’t have to follow a theme down to everything, and I think bringing up Disney World is exactly an indicator of what you DON’T want to do.

          Generally speaking, people don’t go to bars or clubs to observe and interact with the scenery in the way they go to Disney World-they go to interact with other people-not necessarily strangers or potential mates-just others. The point of bars and clubs is to be social. The person who goes to a bar to sit and stare at the decor will go exactly once.

          A biker bar is not the sort of place where you’d expect college kids to meet other college kids, and a goth club is not where you and your buddies are going to gather to watch football on Sundays. So too should you not decide a theme based solely on location-particularly if the location is somewhere people don’t normally congregate socially.

          So, rebranding a place with an elaborate theme and then sticking to it needs to assume that this theme appeals to a particular market. Determining the type of clientele you want to attract should precede any sort of branding attempts.

  6. Rich Unger says:

    Jay, It just dawned on me, you attack my site for my grammer, but you give Jon Taffer a free pass for his foul language, his abusive attacks on Owners, Managers, Employees, his yelling and screaming are all acceptable to you as well as his calling Owners “AHOLES” and “FAILURES”.?????
    Jay, me thinks you live by a double standard Bro.

    • Coin says:

      Hi Rich – thank you for your comments. I will just speak up for a moment with respect to Jay’s comment, to say that proper spelling and grammar can only help your brand.

  7. Rich Unger says:

    Why may I ask is my grammar more imperative than Jon Taffer berating Owners, Managers, and Employees with Expletives, outrageous behavior, screaming, yelling and taunting in his conduct on “Bar Rescue”. Why does he get a free pass and nobody is as surprised that a life long consultant would use such tactics to garner a tv audience at the expense of the owner, manager, staff and his own wife and daughter?
    May I ask again why is the grammer, which I find totally satisfactory on my site and exactly the way I want it, again it is the #1 site, compared to Jon Taffer’s rude, crude, F that, F this, language on his “Bar Rescue”?
    Is that just the accepted process in consulting a beverage establishment?
    Calling the Owner an “Ahole”.
    Telling the Gm “You are a total failure”.
    Is this all just a “FREE PASS” for a Man who shows no character, no self esteem, and has the chutzpah to attack people he just met?
    Do you ever notice all these Owners ask him, “Is this the way you talk to people”, and his response is “yes when I see how you treat customers”.
    And yet the main concern here is my content which is #1 on the web, and gets accolades from people who enjoy and connect with my remarks and statements, that never contain foul language or berating anybody, are now on the front burner because of the grammer.
    May I ask, are you serious?
    Please get over my grammer, again if you don’t like it don’t read it, as for “Bar Rescue” I ask does Jon Taffer “HAVE TO CURSE”, “HAVE TO VERBALLY ABUSE”, “HAVE TO ATTACK” Owners, Managers, Staff, and in front of patrons?
    I think the concern for my grammer is a bit disingenuious.
    I love my content.
    I like Jon Taffer, I do not like the way he treats people who are suffering and financially in a nightmare.
    He does not rescue them, because in five days he is gone, with my clients, I am with them for six full months.
    Ironic how a response comes regarding my grammar,but not one word about Jon Taffer’s Terror Tactics.

  8. Rich Unger says:

    Coin you and Jay are giving Jon Taffer a fress pass who is suppose to be a Professional Bar Consultant just as I am.
    Why is it you both endorse his method of consulting, and yet find my grammar so disconcerting?
    I again love my grammar, hundreds of bars and clubs all over the World including the largest bar complex in Northwest America that Jon Taffer did nothing for I had to “RESCUE”. The Owner asked me to and I did.
    So again, we are still hung up on my grammar and not a word from anyone who reads this blog about Jon Taffer and his behavior?
    It’s just beyond belief.
    Ok, I understand again and again and again my grammar and spelling and for the last time I enjoy it, if you don’t , do not read it.
    I am very disappointed in the time dedicated to my site, which is #1 and not a word, it must be fear of Jon Taffer, or Jon Taffer Terror or you endorse his behavior?
    Do you tell people to F* this and F* that, and your an ahole and your a failure and your full of ___ and you s______?
    I don’t.
    Ok, I see Jon Taffer called me a bottom feeder but I see who really are, because I hold him accountable, he is not Ben Affleck, nor Charlie Sheen, he is a man in his sixties making money by mocking and attacking those in the industry I love who reached out to him and are suffering.
    I have to write to grammatically incorrect articles for my site for March. I have to help a Gay Club REVAMP, and now create a Grand Opening for a Mexican Restaurant.
    Keep supporting Jon Taffer, and then look into the mirror @ yourself and ask yourself do I really think the way this man treats people is right??????

    • Coin says:

      Hi Rich – I am not a bar consultant, I am a guy who names things. If you look at my blog posts that relate to Bar Rescue, they discuss naming issues. That is why I wrote them: to generate discussion around naming. To me, your comments are completely irrelevant. Sure, they were entertaining for a while, but now they are tiresome, especially considering you are functionally illiterate. If you want to talk about naming as it relates to the show, wonderful – please do. If not, save your diatribes for elsewhere. And while you’re at it, take your own advice and look in the mirror: you will see a man at least as angry as the Jon Taffer of your worst nightmares.

  9. Rich Unger says:

    You have no regard or respect for people, whatever it is you do for a living you must be a very unhappy person. I am ashamed of the lack of civility and character of those who are in fear of a sixty seven year old man who acts like a child in a sandbox for a tv show.
    You are out of my league and in the farm team system.
    Grow Up.

  10. Kim says:

    Maybe someone should tell Rich that this is a “reality” TV show. If the audience had to watch a bar consultant holding the owner’s hand and coddling him/her like a baby, it wouldn’t be interesting! Basically Spike has created the Gordon Ramsey of the bar/nightclub genre. Sit back, enjoy it, get a laugh, or be replused! It’s just entertainment, and tomorrow is another work day. Btw, I love the discussions of the naming techniques ultilized in various episodes

  11. Kim says:

    Also on the naming issue, the name Power Plant is cold, isolated, and sterile. I guess it really fit the environment, but as a potential customer, I just didn’t find it appealing. It is a manufacturing name to go along with a manufactured bar concept, that appeared on reality show, where all the reality is manufactured! And I am aware of the poor grammatical context in which the above sentence is constructed 😉

  12. Jay says:

    Imagine a slab of meat on an assembly line inspected by USDA; an immigrant passing through early 20th century Ellis Island; a GI Joe going through QC in a Chinese facto…oh wait, the Chinese have no standards.
    (stamp!) Approved!

  13. Sam says:

    I agree that Taffer is way too abrupt with everyone. I also know its all for the show. For some reason the producers feel this is needed. Personally I think it adds zero value to the show. It may even turn certain people off.
    Owners tolerate the behavior for the obvious reason. They are desperate. It would be interesting to know what the success rate is of Bar Rescue.

  14. Adam says:

    I love Bar Rescue and John Taffer! Rich misses the point. The main reason these bars are failing is apathy. John has to light a fire under their butts to get them to take ownership, and pride in what they do. He is doing them a favor and yes I find his personality entertaining and thats why I watch. I found the way he handled the drunk brother in law riveting. The wake up call that guy deserved. John has 4 or 5 days, he gets right down to it. If you dont like it turn the channel, ratings will be just fine.

  15. Rich Unger says:

    What Jon is doing is “REALITY REWIND”, the show is fine if you like the fact he subjects his Wife to this pathetic rude, crude Owner and Jon watches from his suv. Why even subject your Wife to this? It’s not a “RECON”, he already has video from the bar that shows every single element of the bar’s operation. When a bar is dying and bartenders and staff are staying on, how do you think they are paying their bills?
    Nuff Said.
    Taking five days and converting a bar, with product placement that companies pay to have Jon plug them and their appliance or software or technology is fine. But Jon rarely advises the Owner to clean house which is the first step I strongly suggest to my owners, if a bar is slow and on the verge of closing, why would you keep the same staff that is a total negative when you do a relaunch with a new name, new atmosphere? Sure there is a large demographic watching the show, the tragedy is, many of these bars fail after Jon leaves. This is reality tv, Jon himself does not stay with a bar for sixty days, I do, Jon does not leave them a Game Plan, a Set Strategy, a Marketing path, I do.
    I have been approached to do a show with a format based on “Nightclub Makeovers”, but I have declined. I am not going to share my expertise with everyone, when I create and customize it for my individual establishments. Jon speaks in generic terms, I speak in specifics.
    It would not be beneficial to me to host a show on a competing cable network, I suggested the Producers approach Randy Gerber instead of me, since he is a bar Innovator and has some of the most cutting edge bars in the Nation. It’s not about turning the channel, if your not in the industry it’s a hoot to watch, the yelling, the cursing, the screaming, the Taffer Insults and antics. Most Owners who watch are thrilled that they see themselves on the screen, but it’s not their face or their place. Jon will have another show also launched on Spike, with other experts to determine, who should be funded to open a restaurant, that will be on in the fall. Let’s remember this is Reality TV, some of these owners have personal issues, addiction problems, This is the “Restaurant Impossible” response but in bars. Gordon Ramsey has “Hell’s Kitchen” he took curses like a low self esteem, no character, but huge ego driven personality.
    The key to jerry Seinfeld’s show was it was hilarious, but he never had to curse, nor does he in his live stand up.
    I have taken hundreds and hundreds of bars, sports bars, restaurants with night life, bar and grilles, clubs, lounges, Gay Clubs, and Revamped them, Reinvented them, Relaunched them.
    In fact I am doing a club right now that I did seven years ago, that wants a total update.
    Jon Taffer went to Great Neck South, I went to Great Neck North, he is 67 I am 8 years younger than him.
    I grew up in nightclubs and restaurants.
    I washed dishes, I did prep, I cooked, I bussed, I barbacked, I bartended, I did the DJ gig, I did the front door, I parked cars, I did every single job, from cleaning the bathrooms, to counting the cash and hiring as well as discharging employees, marketing, media, PR, Promotions, been there done that. I paid my dues years ago.
    Jon Taffer is fine, I challenged him for years at the Nightclub and Bar show to each of us being given a problem bar and having one day to RENEW IT, but he chooses to as usual lower himself to calling me names, which I am flattered. Let’s remember it’s a reality tv show. And the sad fact is many of these bars do not survive let alone thrive, because you cannot change an Owner and his own emotional, mental, and personal issues in five days and then walk away.
    You can light a fire and have an owner take pride when you have five days to take a person in their forties, fifties and even sixties and expect to change their mindset. I think saying “F this” and “F that” in front of women, is both disturbing and disgusting, it shows a total lack of respect. If you can’t make your point and hammer home the priorities without cursing than you have a very low self esteem problem and can’t communicate and connect with people in the industry who need EXPERTISE.
    But, hey it makes for good tv and ratings, that’s why people watch.
    If you want to see the #1 Cable Drama that attracts 3 million viewers every episode, watch the incredible “SUITS” on the USA Network, Harvey is amazing. Everyone be happy, be healthy and try to think before you start cursing, what purpose does it serve to talk to Women like that?

    • Camperkat says:

      Jon Taffer is 59 years old as of March 2014, not age 67. And if Rich Unger is 8 years younger than 67, that means Taffer and Unger are both 59 years old. I really like “Bar Rescue” and understand why Taffer yells to elicit responses from apathetic owners and staff. And I agree with the other posters that Mr. Unger does not write very well and seems to have jealousy issues about Taffer. Lots of sour grapes.

  16. Candi says:

    Wow. As someone else commented, it appears you have anger issues, Rich. So someone criticized your grammar – you could have replied once and then let it go. You were the one who kept rehashing it. And you insist on comparing yourself to Jon Taffer, getting enraged that people dare pick on your grammar, yet no one has any issue with his cursing. One has nothing to do with the other! Your repeated comments here are very revealing; you are coming across as a very angry, jealous and petty individual. I don’t blame Jon Taffer one bit for what he said in that tweet. Bar Rescue is a reality show, one that many people find entertaining. Of you don’t like it (or Taffer), here’s a suggestion: DON’T WATCH IT!

  17. pov says:

    I noticed two things.

    One,Rich has been replying to posts for about nine months. Let it go. The show is not about rescuing bars. It’s about a venue for Jon Taffer.

    Two, Power Plant is getting terrible reviews a year after their makeover. As Rich has pointed out, par for the course.

    If anything, Rich should be upset about Taffer giving his industry a bad name.

    I don’t care if you care for my grammar or not. I got my points across.

  18. Jen says:

    This guy or a “consultant” as he calls himself really is a delusional “has been” man who thinks he has the answers to all problems…but worst of all the guy who spends his life “remotely” advising establishments.. can’t spell and has terrible grammar. Heard of Spell Check ? It’s free !!. No credibility here. Who is going to hire someone for a $900 worth of grammatically flawed generic report.
    Wake up !

  19. Rich Unger says:

    It’s ok for a so called “Consultant’ To “F BOMB PEOPLE” to humiliate and embarrass them, as well as emotionally and mentally berate them, that’s all fine, but your worried about my Grammar.
    None of you give your full names, comment cowards, but you defend a tv show that recently cost a bar owner tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight the City, after “BR” came and violated sign and code ordinances.
    The Sign had to come down as well as other changes “BR” made.
    First of all my fee is way beyond what is mentioned second, none of you own bars, clubs, restaurants, lounges, sports bars, you watch a tv show and you enjoy seeing women attacked, never thinking that it could be you.
    Again, I was offered “NIGHTCLUB MAKEOVERS” and I turned it down, I have no desire to berate, curse, attack and abuse people for ratings.
    I have taken complexes that the host of “BR” destroyed and rebuilt them.
    You people are not even in this industry but you spew as if your the host of “BR”.
    The only delusion going on are viewers who thrive on Owners who are sinking and think “BR” can take a $200,000 investment that is about to go under and bring it back to life.
    Fairy Tales………………………
    Andris, instead of taking sides, neutrality would be a more appropriate view, I have asked you over and over to please not send me these immature unprofessional groupie like comments any longer.
    Please, have the courtesy to honor my request.
    This is like the peanut gallery at a ball game.
    Thank You.
    Has the Host of “BR” ever heard of “MOUTH CHECK”, “EMOTIONAL CHECK”, “MENTAL CHECK”, “HUMLILATION CHECK”, “CIVILITY CHECK”, of course not, he enjoys being known as the “F BOMBER”.

  20. Kimymarie says:

    Someone explain to this consultant that reality tv is often far from reality. Take it from someone in the industry, your time would be better spent investing in your own ventures rather than bashing a tv host who is obviously a characteriture of reality. Suppose you think George Clooney is an adequuent representation of medical field professionals….wait, I just totally aged myself. Just don’t get me started on Dog the Bounty Hunter…..

    • Dave says:

      Um, you spelled ‘caricature’ wrong. Grammar….not approved! 😉

      Taffer says in his book that yelling is not his approach in his normal consulting business. However, since the show’s format dictates that he do in 5 days what normally takes him 30-45 in his consulting business, he has to cut through the BS quickly and yelling is the way he does that.

  21. Camperkat says:

    More on The Jealous Sour Grapes King, Rich Unger…

    I checked out his website ( which truly looks like something from the very earliest days of the internet. It is full of confusing all-caps typefaces in eye-jarring neon colors like purple, magenta and lime, with copy winking and blinking to get your attention. The copy itself is as rambling and grammatically incorrect as has been all of Mr. Unger’s postings here on Coin Branding.

    Mr. Unger’s Linkedin profile ( is just as convoluted as his website, with info repetition, and overlapping of jobs and dates. He mentions what appears to be his idea of the elements of a high-class restaurant, such as a “Tuxedo Doorman” and a “Female Hostess in a Gown”. He also has a Jon Taffer-bashing section.

    In something from Tedd Webb in 2002 called “Where Are They Now” ( I found a photo (finally!) of Mr. Unger, which shows he is definitely in the same age bracket as Jon Taffer, and Unger is just as round and bald. This photo is likely not a recent one.

    This is the write up from that last web address, which illustrates just how all-over-the-place Mr. Unger really is:

    Rich Unger “The Jeans Giant”

    Rich Unger was the “Jeans Giant” his infamous “Buy 1 Get 4 Free” sale at his stores and his sixty second spots done off the top of his head using his voice on WLCY, WYNF, WFSO and 98 ROCK made Rich a Local Legend in his own mind. Then He bought “STUDIO 19” Disco and as fast as they rise they fall.

    So there you have it…

    Today, Rich has a full plate, designing bikinis and dresses for exotic dancers, he owns HOT FLASH Boutique in Sarasota, Fla. since 1992 he has appeared on 22 talk shows defending the right to wear a thong to the beach.

    Rich has the #3 web site in the world for Nightclub Promotions, — From hosting bikini contests, to writing for 3 different beverage Magazines, Rich is still Rolling …

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