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Why Fake Football Works

[Cache #162] There was a moment in the USA-Germany game yesterday when everyone in the audience laughed.  World Cup soccer is not intended to be comedy, but the crowd assembled in the lobby of a downtown office building could not suppress read more

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Great, and Not So Great, Moments in Brand Naming History

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Branding For Women

[Cache #161] American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, just removed by his board, is renowned for removing his pants before a stroll around the factory floor.  Or for just wearing a sock where one would expect his underpants to be, and for many other sexually-charged workplace antics. read more

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Aeroplan Flies Too Close

[Cache #160] The central purpose of branding is to help people understand how you are different.  On this basis, how different is your brand if it has the same name and/or tagline as someone else? If that someone else happens not to be in the read more

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Be Easy

[Cache – #159] There’s never been more pressure for you to be easy.  And it’s never been more important for you to give in. Consider Staples, which built a $25-billion empire around the Easy Button, a concept symbolic of their effort to make the exercise read more

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