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Do You Really Think You’re Any Different?

[Cache – #114] Each and every one of us believes that in some meaningful way, we are different from other people.  And it is our belief that sharing our unique qualities can make a meaningful difference in the lives of read more

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All Hail The Property Princess

[Cache – #113] Want to be mediocre?  Easy:  just be inconsistent. So says Jim Collins, the world’s most-read management guru, with more than 10 million books sold – including classics like Good to Great and his most recent volume, Great read more

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Tiger, Daly, and the economics of bad boy brands

[Cache – #112] A colleague of mine thinks Tiger is faking it.  That Tiger has been playing poorly on purpose, to generate sympathy and crawl his way back into our hearts.  That he believes we’re all as gullible as Lindsey read more

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