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“You’d have to be crazy to enter”

What do you think about using provocative messaging that could be interpreted as making fun of people suffering from a particular condition?

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Personal Branding and The Case of the Stupid Scholar

[Cache – #95] What would you think of someone who thinks Prague is a country?  Or who thinks there’s a country called Lithuanian?  Or who is trying to raise money for dementia research but spells it “Dementai,” thinks researching is read more

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Why is Movember on everyone’s lips?

[Cache – #94] This week’s blog is the second excerpt from a longer article I’ve written about the role of the Movember name in that charity’s success.  See the first post here: Movember Moniker Is A Matter of Life and Death.  read more

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Democrat and Republican: Two Brands Divided

[Cache – #93] Now that Barack Obama has prevailed in the presidential election, Republican focus in particular has turned to the nature of the Republican brand, and what must be done to make it a winner again.  (The focus of read more

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It’s health care fraud, but not the kind you think

[Cache – #92] Countries have brands, which in this sense are essentially national psyches.  Integral to the Canadian brand/psyche are ideas like diversity, tolerance and friendliness.  And universal / free health care.  Except that this last one is a complete read more

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