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Almost 100: The best of the Friday Morning Blog

[Cache – #91] The 100th edition of Cache will soon be upon us.  So I thought I would take two of the next nine Fridays to look back at some notable posts (read: the ones I especially like) of the past two read more

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Why should anyone choose you? Getting started on personal branding

[Cache – #89] Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of insurance advisors who sell Sun Life products.  If you work for someone else, your main brand challenge will be similar to that experienced by the advisors: read more

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[Cache – #88] “Forty-seven-percent-gate”?  It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  But it’s still remarkable that in a culture that adds “-gate” to the name of every scandal major and minor, Mitt Romney’s writing-off of essentially half the American electorate read more

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Bar Rescue: Second Base is a Home Run

The world of sports – from off base to on the ropes to the gloves are off – is absolutely full of idioms with multiple levels of meaning.  So much so that they’re deeply entrenched in North American English.  So it would make sense read more

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