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Basic Funerals: Scared Stiff

[Cache – #54] Not everyone wants a bare bones funeral.  Which is why the name Basic Funerals is so bold:  it very clearly positions the company as the choice for inexpensive funerals, period. So why are we now seeing billboards proclaiming read more

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MailChimp stinks

Back next week – if MailChimp gets its act together.

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Newsflash: Public Mobile vendors in TTC actually do care if you live or die

[Cache – #53] NEWS FLASH – TORONTO – January 13, 2012 Would-be customer gets dusted When Public Mobile, the upstart cell phone provider, started selling its products through Gateway Newsstands in Toronto’s public transit system, pundits crowed that the people read more

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You can be better than BlackBerry

[Cache – #52] Names have jobs to do. Which ones do them best and worst? Given RIM’s tanking stock price, this may not seem like much to aim for. Yet their 2011 blunder on BlackBerry BBX, despite resources that are read more

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