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Branding: Why bother?

[Cache – #32] Being different is the essence of branding. If you’re not different, you’re the same – so why would anyone choose you instead of your competitors? To establish and perpetuate your point(s) of difference, there are many tools read more

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Try saying this five times fast: Charbucks Scarberia

[Cache – #30] Premiering on the History Channel this Fall is a new show entitled What’s in a Name? This summer I’ll be writing an article, and shooting a short video, for the website that supports the show.  I’m told read more

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Corporate names for subway stops is a mistake

[Cache – #29] Toronto’s transit commission has approved the selling of naming rights for subway stations and other property (  Hence the brilliant Torontoist parody of my city’s future, in which Ossington Station becomes Hugo Bossington, Eglinton morphs to Eggolinton and Bathurst to Bed, read more

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