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The latest conspiracy of Gary (Sun Belt) Bettman

[Cache – #21] The winters are long in Canada.  To accommodate hockey season, they have to be.  We Canadians know that the weather is just another Gary Bettman conspiracy – along with his endless conniving to keep hockey in the read more

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Maybe Charlie Sheen isn’t a complete loser

[Cache – #20] One of the most challenging things about developing a name for your product, service or organization is finding one that can be owned.  Registered as a trademark and then protected from use by others, in other words.  read more

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The secret to throwing a great party

[Cache – #19] Holding a special event is one of the most exciting and effective methods of bonding with your target audience and driving revenue.  Yet it’s often done poorly.  So we could all follow the lead of Turnout, the read more

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What New Yorkers want to know

[Cache – #18] I am in New York for a few days on business.  While here, I’ve met a few people who travel regularly to my home of Toronto.  When they find out I live there, here’s the first thing read more

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