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Our mission is to create happy customers

I have visited two Pizzaiolo locations recently, and in both noticed this message scrawled on a chalkboard behind the counter: Our mission is to create happy customers. If only every organization’s mission was expressed so simply. So simply that employees read more

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Sarah Palin domain name games

Interesting article in today’s Toronto Star about the manoeuvring of “domain squatters” hoping to cash in on domain names Sarah Palin might use as part of a 2012 presidential run.  A highlight: “Even is taken.”

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We can’t all be Waity Katy

[The Friday morning blog] You never know what people are going to call you.  I knew a guy in university, perfectly smart, who somehow got the nickname Special Ed.  He can probably identify with Kate Middleton, who was presumably called read more

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Public goes public

I see that Public, one of the new entrants to the mobility market, is using newsstands in the Toronto transit system (TTC) to distribute its phones and plans.  A small display is situated among the chewing gum and chocolate bars read more

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A quick primer on naming

Recently I was asked by a friend, already well down the road to naming her company, about the key things to consider in the late stages of a naming process.  I sent her this quick email: “Note that you should read more

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Naming a product? Keep your hands on the wheel

An interesting article in the Globe and Mail yesterday about three new products that allow drivers to email and text handsfree, via voice commands.  But what about the names of these brands? iLane In that it perpetuates the Apple-inspired, ubiquitous read more

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