Monthly Archives: February 2010

“Like gorillas out of a cage”

What a great piece of imagery from Russian goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, in description of the Canadian hockey players who pummelled his team in the quarterfinal match Wednesday night. “They were much faster than us,” he said. “They came out like read more

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Hotel Gelato: Stay for dessert

Paid my first visit to this client today, in Toronto on Eglinton Avenue West, west of Avenue – and was thrilled to see they are busy. Two guys with luxury hotel backgrounds offering exceptional service and food-sensitivity sensitivity, in a read more

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iPad: Apple will get the last laugh

There have been plenty of jokes about the iPad name referencing a certain feminine hygiene product. Some people have even suggested that the iPad’s name is a blunder that will ultimately doom the product. My reaction is to ask: should read more

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